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    On-time performance results for airlines and airports

    The OAG Punctuality League 2014 is now available and draws on OAG Flight Status data to create tables of the best airlines and airports for on-time performance in 2014.In this report we have consolidated OAG flight status data for the full year 2014 and created tables of the best performers in a range of categories. OAG collected 64 million data records for flights in 2014.

    With more than 80 years of expertise in flight data and aggregation, OAG is best placed to provide the most reliable global flight status and on-time performance data. Our flight status database holds nearly 10 years of historic data.

    Download the OAG Punctuality League 2014.

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    Schedules Analyser v1.7 - Mapping and Report Enhancements now available

    Kick start 2015 with some great new enhancements to Schedules Analyser 1.7. Google maps now integrated so you can experience faster display and bespoke your maps with improved plot options. Enhance carrier analysis reporting with the inclusion of Domicile Country, Domicile Region and aircraft type selection. Plus, refine your analysis with the ability to differentiate between LLC and Legacy carriers within the "Dimensions" section of PowerTables.

    With additional timesaving features in the Job Bin functionality and workflow improvements, Schedules Analyser 1.7 continues to be the market leading schedules analysis tool enabling you to identify trends, spot commercial opportunities and monitor competitor activity.

    For a complete list of enhancements, click here to watch our step by step video.

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