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    Making the case for airport growth

    How OAG Schedules Analyser underpins airport expansion projects.

    Customer Success Story

    Passenger growth, economic impact and capacity are essential pillars of any airport’s growth strategy. OAG’s analytical tools continue to play a vital part in delivering better strategic and commercial decisions for many of the world’s airports, airlines and consultancies.
    OAG’s latest customer success story is available now - discover how York Aviation, a leading consultancy, achieved success using OAG Schedules Analyser to support proposals and advice to global clients.
    Richard Connelly, Senior Consultant, York Aviation says: “We have grown to have a very constructive relationship with OAG and that gives us confidence in the data and the rigour to which it is subjected.”

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    A different perspective - deeper analysis of route characteristics with Traffic Analyser v1.4

    OAG Traffic Analyser

    Take a fresh look at an existing route or new market with Traffic Analyser's new look Mix Report

    • Analyse local, behind and bridge points and understand route/market characteristics with deeper analysis
    • Now including Departure, Gateway 1, Gateway 2 and Arrival Airports
    • Passengers booked and average fare now in one easy-to-view summary
    • Multiple markets included in one query

    Plus more from Schedules Analyser with new Google Maps and editable QSI. Watch our step-by-step video here.