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The potential for growth is breathtaking

Established brands and emerging disruptors are breaking new ground every day, jostling for market share, revenue and reputation. But competitive edge doesn’t come easy, especially when you’re up against operational, regulatory and financial complexity.

Go bigger, stronger, further


If you need to:

  • Respond faster to route and schedule changes in the market
  • Identify commercial opportunities and new routes
  • Forecast traffic growth to understand the economic impact
  • Maximise sales distribution channels to grow market share
  • Use real-time flight data to extend day-of-travel services

Choose from our comprehensive range of status and schedule solutions or powerful analysis tools.

Data Solutions

Our packages are designed to underpin strategic decision making, while supporting day-of-travel and onward travel experiences.

  • A range of flight schedule and status APIs allows you to tailor your data supply to support services, travel apps, websites and day-of-travel technology.
  • Real-time flight status and schedules feeds mean you can make decisions at speed with the freshest data possible.
  • Notification services to track competitors' flight changes and capitalise on new opportunities.
  • Minimum Connection Time (MCT) data and exceptions, unique to OAG, helps travellers create smart end-to-end journeys.
  • Our SSIM dataset helps you spot market gaps, plan new routes and analyse growth opportunities.
  • Integrate global airline schedules into your systems to grow customers and deliver better choice with Worldwide Direct Files (WDF) or via SSIM format.


Schedules Analyser is our decision-making platform and forms the bedrock of all of our analytical tools. Drill down into passenger trends, route dynamics and performance across its platform with four complementary modules.

  • Connections helps you understand the impact of schedule changes on route and network connectivity.
  • Traffic enables you to see where traffic originates, connects and ends, forecast new routes, and determine market simulation.
  • Mapper brings your network and analysis to life with a fast and simple tool, generating rich content and powerful intuitive maps for presentations and collateral.
  • DOT helps you create reports and analyse essential US aviation market data from the US Department of Transport (DOT) through one convenient module.

Freebird utilizes OAG’s flight schedules and real-time flight status solutions to ensure speedy mobile flight rebooking

Freebird case study