The Pursuit of Punctuality

Real-time changes in your operations impact traveller experience and so it has never been more important to understand how on-time performance plays a role in planning.

Some of the industry's top players have opened up to us about how they are leading the way in on-time performance (OTP). We spoke to three-time winner of the Punctuality League airBaltic, as well as AirAsia, Hong Kong Airlines, Aeroflot, London Gatwick Airport and Riga Airport to find what they have learned in the pursuit of punctuality.

With more data available than ever before, everyone in the industry has the ability to run in-depth analysis of how OTP affects their operations and ultimately the passenger experience. Top lessons include using data to get to a single version of the truth and using predictive analysis to anticipate disruption before it happens.

Find out the secret methods behind the top-performing operational teams around the world.


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