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Luton, 17 October 2017: Jet2.com, the low-cost airline that operates out of nine UK airports, has been awarded a 5-star rating by the world’s leading air travel intelligence company, OAG. With an on-time performance (OTP) of 87.5 per cent of flights running on time, the 5-star ranking represents excellent performance over a rolling 12-month period.

Jet2.com was one of 14 global airlines to achieve a 5-star accreditation and, now defunct airline, Monarch Airlines, was the next most punctual UK airline with a 4-star ranking; ironically, it was the only UK airline to receive a 4-star rating.

British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and easyJet, all received a 3-star rating with between 70 and 80 per cent of flights departing and arriving on time, although British Airways and easyJet operated considerably more flights than Jet2.com and Monarch (see Airlines Table below).

Birmingham, Cardiff and Liverpool airports were all awarded five stars for on-time performance –  Birmingham had 90 per cent of flights running on time, and Cardiff 89 per cent.

John Grant, Senior Analyst at OAG, said: “Jet2.com has shown to have a robust on-time performance during some of the busiest travelling months of the year, although there are clearly improvements that UK airlines can make to their punctuality performance over the next six months.

“With the aviation industry going through a turbulent time, there is a lot for the UK airports to be proud of in terms of the speed at which they’re able to get flights on and off the ground. The key for the next 12 months is consistency, as we’ll inevitably see the number of flights in and out of the UK increasing.”

Away from the UK, other European airlines and airports fared well. Six of the EMEA-based carriers that were awarded five stars achieved 88 per cent or better with their on-time performance, while nine out of the 14 global carriers given 5-star ratings all hailed from the EMEA region.

As for the airports, 20 out of the 49 airports awarded 5-star ratings were from the EMEA region, equating to 41 per cent of the total 5-star airports.

Top 5-star awards – October 2017

Airport name Code Annual OTP Operations Country Sub region Star rating
Tokushima TKS 92.8 8,792 Japan ASPAC 5*
Kochi KCZ 91.5 14,603 Japan ASPAC 5*
Hilo ITO 91.3 12,898 USA NAM 5*
Paris Beauvais-Tille BVA 90.7 22,960 France EMEA 5*
Birmingham BHX 90.2 106,295 UK EMEA 5*
Dortmund DTM 90 13,029 Germany EMEA 5*
Santa Cruz de la Palma SPC 89.9 15,674 Spain EMEA 5*
Lihue LIH 89.5 29,940 USA NAM 5*
Minsk  MSQ 89.5 41,493 Belarus EMEA 5*
Cardiff CWL 89.4 15,404 UK EMEA 5*


Airline name Code Annual OTP Operations Country Sub region Star rating
Safair FA 94.9 13,984 South Africa EMEA 5*
Binter Canarias NT 91.1 57,102 Spain EMEA 5*
TUIfly X3 90.4 27,229 Germany EMEA 5*
Air Baltic Corp. BT 89.9 47,482 Latvia EMEA 5*
CANARY FLY PM 89.7 9,930 Spain EMEA 5*
Mango JE 87.9 19,172 South Africa EMEA 5*
LATAM Airlines Ecuador XL 87.8 10,098 Ecuador LAM 5*
Hawaiian Airlines HA 87.7 94,510 USA NAM 5*
Sky Airline H2 87.6 30,450 Chile LAM 5*
Jet2.com LS 87.5 54,190 UK EMEA 5*

Other UK Airlines & Airports:

Airline/Airport  Code Annual OTP Operations Country Sub region Star rating
Monarch Airlines ZB 84.5 37,311 UK EMEA 4*
British Airways BA 78.4 364,428 UK EMEA 3*
Virgin Atlantic VS 78.3 22,081 UK EMEA 3*
Easyjet U2 75.1 519,617 UK EMEA 3*
Liverpool LPL 86.7 35,392 UK EMEA 5*
Kirkwall KOI 84.1 11,435 UK EMEA 4*
Norwich NWI 82.7 9,744 UK EMEA 4*
Belfast George Best City Apt BHD 80 37,586 UK EMEA 3*
Bristol (GB) 00 BRS 79.7 60,948 UK EMEA 3*
Belfast International Apt BFS 78.6 39,819 UK EMEA 3*
Aberdeen (GB) ABZ 77.9 47,170 UK EMEA 3*
London City Apt LCY 76.5 80,031 UK EMEA 3*
Isle of Man IOM 75.9 15,746 UK EMEA 2*
London Heathrow Apt LHR 75.2 477,776 UK EMEA 2*
Exeter (GB) 00 EXT 74.9 12,598 UK EMEA 2*
Inverness INV 74 12,136 UK EMEA 2*
Leeds Bradford LBA 73.4 33,945 UK EMEA 2*
Nottingham East Midlands Airport EMA 72 32,998 UK EMEA 2*
Glasgow International Airport GLA 70.3 86,512 UK EMEA 2*
Edinburgh EDI 69.2 114,902 UK EMEA 2*
Manchester (GB) MAN 63 186,093 UK EMEA 1*
London Gatwick Apt LGW 61.9 274,147 UK EMEA 1*

* Based on 12 months of rolling OTP data


View the full ratings from OAG’s On-time Performance Star Ratings, October 2017, with a breakdown of 1-5 stars for airlines and airports here.

Notes to editors:

About OAG’s On-time Performance Star Ratings
OAG’s On-time Performance Star ratings is the global 5-star accreditation programme that
recognises exceptional and consistent OTP (on-time performance) across all airports and

The 5-star OTP ratings will give all airlines and airports the opportunity to showcase and
promote their punctuality to differentiate themselves against their competitors.

How is it measured?
Airlines: On-time is defined as arrivals that take place strictly less than 15 minutes after
scheduled arrival time.

Airports: On-time is defined as departures and arrivals that take place strictly less than 15
minutes after scheduled departure/arrival time.

How are the stars awarded?
The Star Ratings range from one to five stars. Airlines and airports with the best OTP, for
example, the top 10%, receive five stars. The awards are then distributed, across all airlines with the poorest performers receiving one star.

Criteria for qualification of star rating
• Airlines and Airports must have a minimum of 600 operations per month.
• OAG must process flight status information for no less than 80% of scheduled flights in a 12-month period
• Data must be available for each month.

About OAG
OAG is the leading global provider of digital flight information and provides accurate, timely and actionable information and applications across the travel sector to the world’s airlines, airports, government agencies, aircraft manufacturers, consultancies and travel related companies.

OAG has the world’s largest network of air travel data, including the definitive schedules database of more than 900 airlines and over 4,000 airports. With the most extensive flight status information database in the market, OAG handles more than 54 million records of flight status updates per year, processes 1.4 billion requests and continues to deliver in excess of 35 million dynamic flight status updates daily.

For more information, visit: www.oag.com and follow us on Twitter @OAG Aviation.

Media contacts:
Emma Jefferies / Joe Hawke
0118 909 0909 / oag@berkeley.global

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