Flight Info Alerts - Getting Started

This page will provide some guidance on quickly getting started on retrieving flight schedule changes from the event hub.


The Flight Info Alerts product allows the notification and receipt of updated Schedule Information based on a minimum set of alert criteria. These updates are sent as events to an Event Hub on the Microsoft Azure platform where customers can retrieve them.

Please note that although recommended by Microsoft's documentation, it is not necessary to have an Azure subscription to use Flight Info Alerts. Please see this page for more information regarding this.

Alerts can be created with these conditional criteria:

  • Flight Number
  • Arrival Airport
  • Departure Airport
  • IATA/ICAO Carrier Code
  • Departure Date

Or alternatively, open-ended alerts such as global alerts which covers all flights* can be created as well.

*Global alerts are only available for customers on full subscriptions and cannot be created while on a trial subscription.

Getting started

Please follow the steps below in order to get started with using Flight Info Alerts.

  1. Sign up for the developer portal.
  2. Request for either a trial subscription or a full subscription*.
  3. Complete your profile using the API.
  4. Create your first alert.
  5. Connect to your event hub.

*Please note that this article assumes you have already spoken to an OAG Specialist to validate your subscription request. If you have not done so, your subscription request may be rejected.

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