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Why was my Flight Info Alerts subscription request rejected?

A reason will usually be given as part of the notification for a unsuccessfuly subscription request, though there are some common reasons.

There may be several reasons why a subscription request for Flight Info Alerts may not be successful. Here are some common reasons why they may be rejected:

Your subscription was not validated by OAG ahead of time.

In order for a subscription request (trial or full) for Flight Info Alerts to be successful, you would need your account manager to validate your request ahead of time. If you do not already have an account manager, you may speak to an OAG specialist to request access as well.

The email address or developer account used to request the subscription did not match what was pre-validated by OAG.

In order to prevent unauthorized use, only the email address that was pre-validated by OAG can be used to request for a Flight Info Alerts subscription. If you require additional accounts, or wish to switch the email account, please speak to your account manager or an OAG specialist.

You requested for an incorrect product/subscription type.

If you are interested to simply try out the product, please make sure to request the "Flight Info Alerts Trial" option under the product tab in the Developer Portal:

For customers already on an existing or new subscription, please request for the "Flight Info Alerts" product within the same tab:

If you had selected the full subscription when you are currently trying out the product, the request will be unsuccessful and vice versa.