Switching from Flight Info API v1 to v2: A Step-by-Step Guide

Flight Info API has been upgraded to version 2, which adds new UTC data points for scheduled departure and arrival times and dates, as well as other enhancements to improve the user experience. The full list of changes can be found in API Changelog.

This article provides you with a step-by-step guide on how to change your code to use the new version of the Flight Info API.

Update your integration to reflect the API changes

Changes in the search parameters

    • The mandatory query string parameters DepartureDate and ArrivalDate have been renamed to DepartureDateTime and ArrivalDateTime in the new version of the Flight Info API. These parameters support either a single date or a range of dates/times (e.g., 2023-05-02 or 2023-05-01/2023-05-30 or 2023-05-10T01:01 or 2023-05-10T15:00/2023-05-10T16:00). You need to update the parameter names in your code accordingly. 
    • The query string parameter CodeType is now mandatory when Departure Airport, Arrival Airport or Carrier Code is defined. The possible code type values are IATA, ICAO, and FAA. The parameter accepts comma-separated values (e.g., IATA, ICAO).
    • The query string parameter FlightType no longer defaults to Scheduled. If you want to retrieve only scheduled flights, you'll need to set the FlightType parameter to Scheduled in your request. Alternatively, you can set the parameter to return Scheduled, Unscheduled, GA flights, or all types of flights by leaving the parameter empty.
    • The query parameters IataCarrierCode and IcaoCarrierCode have been decommissioned. Please use the CarrierCode property for adding airline code, and CodeType for setting your used code types. I.e., adding "IATA,ICAO" as CodeType value you will ensure that you can search by either IATA, or ICAO code in 1 API call.
    • The version parameter should be set to "v2" to access the latest version of the Flight Info API. 

Changes in the response schema

    • The CarrierCode property has been renamed to Carrier
    • The ServiceTypeCode property has been renamed to ServiceType.
    • The Comments010 property has been renamed to MarketingFlights.
    • The Comment050 property has been renamed to OperatingFlight.
    • Properties Date and PassengerLocalTime under Arrival and Departure nodes have been removed. Please use the new local and utc fields as shown in the picture below:
    • The OagFingerprint property has been removed from the API response. Please use the new ScheduleInstanceKey property if needed.
    • Update your code to use the new ElapsedTime property if needed.