Q1 2023 Release Notes - Flight Info API

New Data Availability

GA / Unscheduled Flights

General Aviation (GA) and Unscheduled flights are now available in the Flight Info API. To access these flights, please enter "GA, Unscheduled" into the FlightType parameter. FAA airport codes will also be included for all flights when those details are available.

GA flights stand for non-commercial business aviation (i.e., instructional, pleasure flying, aerial work, etc.) and unscheduled flights are charters or on-demand flights (i.e., air-taxi, commercial business aviation).

Please note that these flights are currently only available for the North American region.

New Functionality

  • Functionality to specify hours and minutes in the Arrival and Departure Date parameter. This feature allows the optional use of hours and minutes in the Arrival and Departure date search parameters to get flights departing or arriving in a specific time range. For this, please use the following date time format: 2023-04-01T13:00/2023-04-01T14:00.
  • Search by Service Type in Flight Info API. We have now introduced the possibility to filter passenger and/or cargo flights by using the ServiceType parameter. If not specified all flights are returned.
  • Carrier and Airport parameter usage in Flight Info API. IataCarrierCode and IcaoCarrierCode parameters will be deprecated in Flight Info API and it will be supported for a limited time. We recommend replacing it with CarrierCode and CodeType parameters. Carriers and Airports will be filtered according to specified CodeType parameters (IATA, ICAO or FAA). If CodeType is not specified, carriers and airports are searched by IATA (default).
  • Aircraft registration Number parameter. We introduced the possibility to search by Aircraft registration (Tail) number in the Flight Info API.