Q4 2023 Release Notes - Flight Info Alerts

New Features

Change filtering

Additional change-level filters have been added to Status Updates. These filters allow customers to filter incoming events based on various items such as baggage, terminal and equipment changes. For example, when creating an Alert, a customer can choose to only be informed if, within the update, there was a change to terminal data.

These are the new filters that have been added in the release:

  • Baggage
  • Terminal
  • Gates
  • Aircraft Registration Number
  • Aircraft Type
  • Estimated Arrival time difference to Scheduled Arrival time
  • Estimated Departure time difference to Scheduled Departure time

For an example of the JSON, please go to the developers portal here https://developers.oag.com/api-details#api=flight-info-alerts-v1&operation=createAlert.

Codeshare filtering

It is now possible when creating an alert, for both schedules and status, to filter out codeshare services. This means that you will only ever receive updates for operating flights.

General Improvements

  • Several bug fixes were deployed which improved the performance of Flight Info Alerts.