Q2 2024 Release Notes - Flight Info Alerts

Event Hub consumer groups

Due to increasing customer demand, we have now added 3 consumer groups to all new event hubs by default. This will allow clients to have up to 4 simultaneous connections to an event hub at the same time, which can be beneficial for testing and UAT purposes.

The names of the additional consumer groups are:

  • consumergroup-1
  • consumergroup-2
  • consumergroup-3

And this is on top of the existing consumer group which has always been accessible, $Default.

Additional consumer groups

If 4 consumer groups are not enough and you would like to have more, this is available as well upon request. Please contact support@oag.com if you require additional consumer groups and we will set it up for you. However, do note that too many simultaneous connections (more than 4 at one time) may have a slight impact on the performance of data consumption in the event hubs.

Event hubs set up before May 2024

If you are a customer that was set up before May 2024, you may not have these additional consumer groups available to you. If you would like to request for these additional consumer groups as well, please contact support@oag.com and we will be happy to set these up for you free of charge.