Q1 2024 Release Notes - Flight Info API

Master Data API

The Master Data API suite was launched, providing access to essential codes and descriptive data for key entities in the aviation domain.

Master Data API suite Features:

Locations API: IATA, ICAO, and FAA airport codes alongside detailed information on names, types, geographical positions, countries, cities, time zones, and DST.

Carriers API: IATA and ICAO carrier codes with additional details such as carrier names, domicile, IATA's code assignment category, and code rank.

Equipment API: IATA, ICAO, and FAA equipment codes, accompanied by supplementary information on aircraft categories, engine types and count, aircraft body, manufacturer, and more.

Enhancements in Flight Info API

The Departure and Arrival country code fields, along with filtering by these fields, have been added to the Flight Info API. The country code can be searched and viewed as a two-letter ISO code representing the country where an airport is located.