Q1 2024 Release Notes - Flight Info Alerts

Azure Availability zones

Flight Info Alerts utilizes Microsoft Azure Event Hubs as a delivery mechanism to send schedule and status updates to our customers. As part of our efforts to ensure continued, uninterrupted service availability, we have enabled an additional 2 backup regions/availability zones for all customers' event hubs. This means that if the primary server or location where the event hub you are consuming data from faces issues or a complete service failure, we will automatically switch you to a backup location as seamlessly as possible, providing the least amount of interruption to the data that you receive from us.

Initially only available to customers on request, this has now been made available to all new customers moving forward.

For existing customers before Jan 2024:

Your event hub is likely still not zone-available. If you would like to confirm the status of your event hub, or upgrade to a zone-available event hub free of charge, please contact our customer support at support@oag.com. We will be happy to set it up for you. However, do note that you will have to migrate to a new event hub as we cannot "convert" existing event hubs to zone-available configurations due to limitations on Microsoft's end.