A Better Tomorrow will Come: OTAs & The Road to Recovery

As and when the air markets open up, it is certain that airlines will look to their distribution partners for support. The road to recovery will be about identifying green shoots, and covering up the ground lost.

Online travel intermediaries are a vital cog in the wheel of distribution. Be it the aftermath of 9/11 or SARS, online retailers time-and-time again have showcased their strength in dire times. We anticipate the post-COVID-19 world to be no different.

Listen to the webinar to understand:

  • How OTAs can add value in demand recovery
  • The future of online retailing
  • Evolving airline-OTA commercial relations
  • Maintaining brand goodwill in current times
  • Identifying pockets of opportunity

On this webinar we are joined by John Grant, Senior Analyst OAG, Aditya Agarwal SVP and Head of Corporate Strategy, Cleartrip were joined by Manish Amin Co-Founder & CTO, Yatra and were moderated by Chetan Kapoor from Co-Founder & COO, VIDEC.