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Schedules_SSIM-WDF.pngOAG has a definitive airline schedules database with more than 900 airlines, including 115 low-cost carriers and 4000 airports.

OAG schedules data is relied upon across the industry to provide the most accurate and up-to-date airline schedules data in a format and frequency which suits the customer.

Receive Worldwide Direct Flights (WDF) files in a flexibile format for easy integration. You can view, manipulate and analyse bulk airline schedule files with ease and ensure operational, booking and planning systems are up to date at the same time as delivering a high-quality service for greater customer service and loyalty.

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Comprehensive Worldwide Direct Flights (WDF) files in a format of your choice

Key Features

  • Point-to-point passenger and cargo global flight schedules data
  • Variety of formats for easy access, integration and usability (Excel,CSV and plain text)
  • Flexible content parameters organised in alphabetic departure and arrival order
  • Coverage can include all carriers or any subset
  • Fields and codes can be added or removed
  • Airline schedules files delivered daily or a frequency of your choice
  • File replacements and changes can be supplied 

More About WDF


About The Data

  • 99% schedules updated monthly
  • 100,000 schedule changes a day
  • 130,000 dynamic messages sent daily
  • Over 100,000 MCT exception records
  • More than 900 airlines
  • 4000 airports
  • 115 LCCs
  • Including Premium Economy data 

Who Uses WDF?

  • Airline network planning, operations and marketing
  • Airport route development, operational planning
  • Travel tech
  • Travel distribution and sales
  • Consultancies
  • Hospitality
  • Government


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What our customers say about us


“We have been using OAG in our concierge ground transportation booking and dispatch system for 10 years. We have always found a high degree of accuracy in the data and have been complimented by our customers on its ease of use. The data is always delivered on time and we have never experienced any problems with loading it into our system."

John Bankes, IT Director

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