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Pilota Partners with OAG, to PROACTIVELY protect TRAVELLERS from potential delays & CANCELLATIONS  

The Pilota Protection Plan is focused on helping individual travellers and corporations avoid flight delays and cancellations, by using AI to predict flight delays and cancellations ahead of time. These AI algorithms proactively protect travellers from the potential risk of disruption, by enabling them to rebook themselves new flights for free, when a disruption is predicted.

These prescriptive analytics are not only focused on predicting flight delays and cancellations, but also on finding available capacity on alternative flights.

The Challenge of Sourcing The Correct Data 

The challenge for Pilota prior to partnering with OAG was sourcing the correct data. Time was lost pulling different data sets from across the internet, and then piecing it together to make it digestible. Not to mention, the building and maintaining of this disparate data infrastructure was extremely time consuming and unscalable.

However, since they started working with OAG they have been able to make more informed decisions while simplifying their software development process.

“It’s important for us to stay lean while we run these experiments and OAG is providing us with valuable insights, that help drive our progress towards making a product that people want. We are building the next generation of tools that will enhance flight disruption management. OAG is providing us with the right ingredients to achieve our goals: reliable, timely, and accurate data.”  Saniya Shah, Co-Founder & CEO


Collaborative Solutions  

“Our first experience with OAG, was extremely positive and we found them to be very collaborative. They quickly understood our business needs around accelerated growth and product development, and they made it easy for us to access and explore their rich data solutions.

OAG’s robust and easy to integrate API’s have drastically accelerated our time to market, and we have been able to get our product into our customers hands much faster. With their variety of datasets, we have been able to experiment and test our product with different verticals in the travel industry - Airports, Airlines and Travel Management Companies. We are constantly in a feedback loop with our customers, testing and iterating over our product, and so having the right expertise and guidance in this process is paramount. This is why OAG with their vast experience of collaborating with Travel Tech start ups was the right choice for us.” said Cyrus Ghazanfar Co-Founder & CTO.   

There are a number of decisions that Pilota have been able to make based on the OAG data. The most important of these has been the usage of historical and scheduling data to power their dynamic pricing model. This data has allowed them to develop robust risk assessments of US domestic routes that inform their pricing model.


“We are providing a proactive solution for flight disruptions, something that has not been done before. Because of this, machine learning and data is integral to what we do – and working with the best data providers with deep technical domain experience is crucial. We could not have gotten to where we are today as fast as we have, without OAG.”  

Saniya Shah, Co-Founder & CEO 



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OAG has the most flexible frequency delivery capability in the market. Its fast and easy to use data solutions and APIs ensure flexible integration and enable technology providers to manage and control their own supply of air travel data – which maximizes efficiency, saves money and creates an unrivalled competitive advantage. OAG’s schedules and flight status data solutions have become the number one choice for technology providers, travel management companies and innovators.