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OAG Analyser

Underpinned by the most comprehensive network of air travel data, our analytics products offer solutions that provide timely and accurate insight into passenger trends, schedules analysis, route dynamics and performance.

From viewing airport traffic analysis with Traffic Analyser to searching for airport and airline network connectivity in Connections Analyser, OAG’s market leading analytics suite combines powerful software with data you can trust. 

For more information, download the OAG Aviation Analytics brochure now pdf-icon.png


Why Our Customers Choose OAG Analyser

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Identify commercial opportunities for new airline routes and services and spot underlying trends.   Evaluate airline routes based on a QSI and analyse how airline service changes impact connections at an airport. Analyse where air traffic originates, connects and ends, forecast new airline routes. Visualise connectivity, routes of interest, new airline networks and competitor activity.  Access U.S. Department of Transportation data, U.S. airlines profitability, passenger load factors, fuel costs and employment statistics.
OAG’s analytics suite provides us with essential background information to inform our marketing investment. The dedicated modules (Schedules, Traffic and Connections) provide regular analysis so we can understand traffic origin and flows, capacity trends and connectivity throughout our network. It’s reliable, accurate and easy to use.
Gi-Min Kim, Deputy Director, Airline Marketing Team at Incheon Airport


The newly installed OAG Analyser has greatly improved the performance of detailed capacity and schedule analysis. Prior to subscribing to OAG’s scheduling tools, this analysis had been done mostly manually by our team. The programme’s quick and easy-to-use functions have assisted us in our day-to-day tasks.

The team at Public, International, Industry and Environment Affairs, Emirates Airline