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Introducing OAG's Quiz hub

16/05/16 14:30 | By OAG

Introducing OAG's brand new Quiz hub! Put your aviation knowledge to the test and see how much you know. Will you get 100%?

As part of OAG's new regular series designed to test your knowledge and bring you some fun insights in our data, we're starting with our 100 club quiz this month. We’ve searched our database and done some number crunching and come up with a list of airlines who serve 100 destinations or more. We’re calling them the ‘100 club’.

There are 25 members of this impressive club, with airlines from all parts of the world, and knowing that this will appeal to some of the aviation geeks out there, we’ve created a quiz for you to see if you can figure out just who the 25 airlines are.

As well as that, take part in some of our other quizzes based around reports such as the Megahubs Index 2015 and Punctuality League 2015! Keep your eye out on upcoming puzzles formulated via our market-leading database.

Good luck!

Enter the quiz hub

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