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OAG's data expertise

With OAG, airlines feel a level of reassurance that their data is in the best hands - with those who understand data complexity, system feeds and how the industry works. Whether it is a large international carrier or a small regional start up, the team can advise on the most suitable synchronisation approach and distribution strategy for any airline. 








OAG has been members of IATA’s SISC (Schedules Information Standards Committee) for 30 years and has held the SISC editorship for 10 years

Meeting annually, OAG remain at the heart of air travel developments, helping advise the airlines and the wider industry on emerging developments and lead progress in data aggregation and synchronisation.

One of IATA's strategic partners, OAG is the annual sponsor of the SISC Cocktail reception.

Why airlines use OAG

  • Network – a unique reach across the travel ecosystem

  • Innovation – smart solutions that unlock hidden value

  • Expertise - uncommon ability to synchronise data from multiple sources and stages of travel

  • Precision – timely, accurate and actionable information

  • Trust – industry leading infrastructure and relationships for over 80 years

Meet the experts


Sarah Goodman

Operations Director

Sarah heads up OAG's expert data operations team who are responsible for the validation, aggregation, monitoring and delivery of OAG's schedules and flight status data to the world's leading GDS and wider expanding network of providers across the air travel ecosystem.

In 2016, Sarah was awarded an IATA certificate in recognition and appreciation of her proactive engagement in the development of IATA Schedules Standards.


Rothna Begum

Database Manager

Rothna is the current editor of SISC and was appointed in 2014. She is responsible for the quality and delivery of OAG's flight status databases.

In 2016, Rothna was awarded an IATA certificate in recognition and appreciation for her for her dedication and proactive engagement in the development of IATA Schedules Standards.

Industry partners

Industry leading products


The definitive airline schedules database which delivers solutions to help airlines and airports and related services drive growth and performance. Our data powers leading travel service providers, GDSs, OTAs, mobile apps, search engines, travel tech companies and websites all over the world..

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Our market-leading analytics suite OAG Analyser combines powerful software with data you can trust, empowering you to manage and deliver essential intelligence to drive performance and ensure better decision making.

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Using the most comprehensive flight status database in the world, OAG’s suite of flightview products provide accurate and actionable flight status data and applications across the air travel industry.

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OAG in the news

OAG's industry experts are often quoted in national and industry publications and our data is used as the basis for many news stories and features.

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A set of market intelligence reports to give you insight into a number of topics in the global aviation industry.