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Below are some useful links for you to download forms, contact our help team and gather information regarding the submission of files.

Easy and immediate access to the most up-to-date, accurate data. Download the submission form using the button below, or if you require the cargo submission form, click here.


Send us your seat/freight configuration data using the button below to download the required form. Follow the instructions on this page to see exactly how to send data in the correct format.


See over 100,000 airline specific exceptions between any combination of domestic and international flights. Download the form to let us know which exact information you are after. To find out more about MCTs, click here or speak to us directly at databasecontent@oag.com.


Superior airline schedules data that seamlessly integrates into existing systems and applications. Find out more about our Data Files using the button below or contact us directly on ssimin@oag.com.


Who receives files. Contact us directly on databasecontent@oag.com.

See information on how to submit your data files on ofsteam@oag.com.