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The Norwegian Effect

There can’t be much that rattles British Airways these days, other than the irritation of competitors nipping at its heels on the transatlantic market. Whilst 15% of BA’s worldwide capacity operates over the Atlantic, it contributes a much bigger share to profits.

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January, 30 2017

Japan January – Keeping up with Bakugai

With a love of shopping, a desire for Japanese products and becoming increasingly confident as overseas travellers, the number of Chinese visitors to ...

Industry News Japan January
January, 27 2017

Japan January - Domestic Japan – still all about JAL and ANA

Earlier in our blog series this week we looked at how the low-cost sector is growing in Japan. Today we look at the dynamics at play in the domestic m...

Japan January Industry News
January, 26 2017

Japan January - Low cost finally makes its mark in Japan

There’s been a low-cost carrier (LCC) presence in Japan for many years but for much of that time, LCCs failed to create the market disruption that too...

Japan January Industry News
January, 25 2017

Japan January - The Haneda Story

Tokyo’s Haneda Airport (HND) is Japan’s largest airport and has succeeded in operating with high levels of on-time performance for flights. For an air...

Industry News Japan January
January, 24 2017

Japan January – On-time performance – Japan shows how it’s done

For as long as OAG has been tracking on-time performance (OTP), Japan’s airports have performed well with OTP averaging 86% in 2016.

Japan January Industry News


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