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When Geography Plays A Part: JFK’s Dilemma

It seems that even the most mature markets are capable of a growth spurt. Asset utilisation has been a buzz word for airlines in recent years, getting as many hours flying on an aircraft as possible, pushing productivity to record levels and running an efficient business operation. For airports thou...

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July, 05 2018

Summer's Hottest On-Time Performance

A typical Northern Hemisphere summer brings record braking temperatures, yearly ATC strikes throughout Europe, heavy thunderstorms in the United State...

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June, 14 2018

Surprise Winners of Russia 2018

With the largest scheduled aviation database on the planet we’ve combined our data with detailed analysis of all 32 teams in the World Cup; assessed t...

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June, 13 2018

Amazon, Facebook and the Future of Travel Tech Booking

In a March blog post, we discussed the rise of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics throughout the travel tech landscape. Today, findings ...

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June, 05 2018

Fast Growing Airports Linked To Southwest Success

Many of the fastest growing airports in the United States can link their current success to moves being made by low-cost carrier Southwest Airlines - ...

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May, 03 2018

The World's Top 20 Busiest Routes

The 20 busiest international routes in the world each have an average of more than 35 daily scheduled airline frequencies operating on them, and as ma...

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April, 24 2018

China Ties Stronger Connections to Thailand

It’s frequently hard to comprehend the rate of capacity growth in China in recent years and Thailand proves that point. The largest international mark...

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March, 26 2018

Predictive Intelligence: The Rising Star in Travel Tech Adoption

With all the disruptive technologies promising to revolutionise the travel industry -- biometrics, blockchain, virtual reality, predictive analytics a...

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March, 19 2018

Gearing up for High Tech Growth

Lithuania continues to take advantage of its strong technical talent by attracting major global players who require high quality IT professionals. Rya...

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March, 08 2018

Catching Up At Airports - The Ins and Outs

While airlines might grab the headlines with their 25-minute aircraft turnaround times, it takes a team effort between airlines and airports to get fl...

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February, 23 2018

Hong Kong - How To Avoid Being Late

Operating to a schedule becomes increasingly difficult when the sheer volume of aircraft movements makes an airport congested. Minor glitches in opera...

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