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The Rise and Rise of IndiGo

Traditionally, purple has been a colour associated with kings and in the Indian domestic market, IndiGo appears to reign. The airline has steadily increased capacity over the past few years and in turn gained market share. Today, the airline operates two in every five scheduled airline seats in Indi...

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November, 15 2017

Following the Leader: Los Angeles – Sydney

It is a long way from Los Angeles to Sydney - 6,510 nautical miles to be precise - and around 14 hours depending on which airline you select. Five air...

Insight Reports Australia Blog Series
November, 13 2017

Australia Long-Haul Low-Cost and Lessons for North Atlantic

While legacy airline competitors are keeping an eye on how Norwegian Airlines fares with its long-haul low-cost flights on the Atlantic, long-haul low...

Insight Reports Australia Blog Series
November, 08 2017

Western Australia – A Minefield of Trends and a Glimmer of Hope

The two largest airports in Western Australia, Perth and Broome, have seen scheduled aviation capacity decline this year. At Perth, capacity is down b...

Insight Reports Australia Blog Series
November, 03 2017

China - Australia, The Skies Just Keep on Opening

It’s quite rare for two countries to completely liberalise their air service agreement and then one of those countries to have no immediate interest i...

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