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From Hassle to Holiday

Want to know when will be the busiest time to travel and which will be the busiest routes this Thanksgiving? See all the top stats around the holidays with our latest infographic.

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May, 08 2015

The End of an Era - Airbus & Boeing Aircrafts

Airbus called a halt to production of its four-engine wide-body A340 towards the end of 2011, although the company has still been supporting the fleet...

April, 29 2015

The Fight For Global Markets

  In March 2015, US carriers presented a case for unfair competition from some of the Gulf-based airlines, most recently releasing a cache of financia...

April, 23 2015

Japan-Taiwan Air Services – Benefitting from Open Skies

This summer marks the fourth summer since Japan and the Republic of China (Taiwan) signed an Open Skies agreement. At the time it was hailed by touris...

April, 22 2015

The Danger of Trend Analysis

  In 2011 there were 241 airlines registered and operating scheduled services within Europe. This summer that number will have reduced down to 168; a ...

April, 10 2015

Scottish APD: More of the same or are we at the beginning of the end?

  With election fever about to take over the UK in the coming weeks, there is a decision looming post election which may change the shape of the UK av...

March, 17 2015

Bangalore – A Microcosm of Indian Aviation?

  OAG’s on-time performance data for February 2015 at Bangalore’s Kempegowda International Airport (BLR) can be seen as a microcosm of Indian aviation...

March, 13 2015

1501 miles and counting

It's amazing how much difference one mile can make in aviation! Today scheduled service operations to New York La Guardia are restricted to markets wi...

Schedules Analyser Flight Schedules
February, 27 2015

Good enough?

At the start of 2015 four out of five flights leaving from and arriving at the world’s top airports were on-time. Is this good enough?

February, 16 2015

OAG at the movies

It's award season, so in honor of this year's Oscars, OAG's rolling out the red carpet for the airports that feature in some of our favourite films...

February, 13 2015

Chinese New Year Infographic - Year of the Goat

Holiday periods are often busy times in terms of air travel and Chinese New Year is no different. This year will see an incredible amount of capacity ...



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