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Route Profitability

Detailed data from multiple sources to deliver quick and accurate route cost analysis


A global database of airline/aircraft costs to calculate operating costs for any air service whether in operation today or for analysing future potential

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Fares Analysis

Access an extensive historic database of real airline fares stretching back as far as January 2013.


Analyse and compare current and historic low-cost airline fares on single routes or across entire markets in a matter of seconds.

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Financial Data

Current and historic airline annual reports can be analysed, downloaded and compared using the flexible charting interface.


Built on real data from aircraft manufacturers, airports and airlines. We collect and archive the financial reports of more than 200 airlines, delivering access to a valuable online library of the original historic documents.

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Air travel market reports and analysis, passenger traffic and capacity trends, regional overviews, and future and current developments.


Megahubs Index 2017

See the most connected airports in the world

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Underserved Uncovered

OAG looks at the international Top 50 Underserved Routes.

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Reaching Out: China

As strong growth continues, where is China’s international capacity headed?

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“Ready and easy access to airport charges documentation and contractual terms has allowed us to quickly check rate details and improve compliance in this area of high spend.”

Manchester Airports Group

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