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DOT Analyser

DOTAnalyser.pngAnalyse and understand US aviation market needs with easy access to US Department of Transportation data. View US airlines’ profitability, passenger load factors, fuel costs and employment statistics in one flexible and accessible tool.

The US Department of Transportation gathers valuable data on the US aviation market, but its datasets are difficult to manipulate and extract market insights. DOT analyser takes the hassle out of working with the data so you can gain the business-critical intelligence you need faster and more easily.

DOT Analyser combines data from T100, Form41 and O&D (DB1B) reports into one flexible web-based portal. Whether you need to analyse airline trends, make cost comparisons, benchmark performance or are seeking insight into the most recent financial performance, DOT analyser will deliver fast and accurate results.

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What's new in DOT Analyser


Insight into US aviation data - schedules, connections and airline profitability through one easy accessible portal

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    DOT Analyser Homepage
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    T100 segment
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    DB1B Power Table

Key Features

  • T100 Powertable – analyse T100 Domestic and International Traffic data across different dimensions – airline, departure/arrival airports, city, country, state, and region and by month, quarter or year.
  • DB1B Powertable – O&D DB1B data to analyse passenger counts and revenues. This data is gathered from US DOT's 10% sampling of passengers and is estimated for 100% of passengers
  • Form 41 Powertable – aggregated Form 41 data with DOT US certified airline schedules data for financial analysis including balance sheets, income statements and employee counts
  • Fast, flexible and intuitive with the highest level of interactivity


More about DOT analyser


About The Data

  • T100 Latest and historical traffic data to, from and within the US (1981 - ) flown passenger data, load factors, traffic schedules

  • Form 41 data combined with US certified airline schedules (1968- )  Financial information: balance sheets, income statements, employee counts and traffic schedules.

  • O&D OD1A (1981-) and OD1B (1998- *DOT authorisation required). Passenger counts and revenues from US DOT


Who Uses DOT Analyser?

  • Financial & investment companies
  • Strategic consultants, Aviation consultants
  • Airline and Airport Managers
  • Aircraft manufacturers & MROs
  • Educational establishments
  • Government agencies
  • Tourism boards


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