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Welcome to OAG

OAG, a global leader in aviation information and intelligence, has been at the heart of the air transport industry since the start of commercial flights. Our platform, unrivalled in its comprehensiveness and accuracy, has become the trusted source of flight schedule, flight status and aviation data for the world's global distribution systems and now drives the internal systems of many travel portals, airlines, airports, air traffic control systems, aircraft manufacturers, and government agencies around the world.

Flight Status streamlines internal processes and offers real value, ensuring you are in complete control of the time-sensitive information you need, whenever you need it. The flight status data seamlessly integrates into websites and travel applications, delivering exactly what you need to power your online services via our flight status webservice / flight status API.

OAG serves the passenger, aviation, air cargo and business travel communities from its global network of offices in the UK, USA, Singapore, Japan and China.

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